Fine art and mobile editing presets, based on Sarah Partain Photography.


10% of all proceeds will go to The A21 Campaign to fight against human trafficking.


OOH baby thanks for checking out my presets!! Once purchased, the preset will download attached to a DNG file. Airdrop or share the file to your mobile device, which will appear as a blank image in your camera roll. Import the blank image to the Lightroom Mobile App and you will see the image edited with the preset. You have two options: copy and paste the settings from the original photo onto your photos OR create a new preset within Lightroom. 

1. Select the photo.

2. Click the “…” in the top right corner.  

3. Select “create preset.”

4. Name the SBP preset and save to user files.


My biggest editing tip with SBP Presets is to manipulate the exposure and white balance for each individual image after applying the preset! To manage skin tone, follow these steps: select photo, click “color” - “mix” - “orange” or “red” - then adjust hue, saturation, or luminance. 

I’m always here to help - feel free to send me an email (or text if you know me) with specific editing questions, and I’ll totally teach you the best ways to edit pictures. So pumped to work together!! 

Tag #sbppresets, @sbpphoto, and @sarah_partain when you use my edits to be featured! Can’t wait to see your work! :)

Formatted for mobile. 

* RAW coming soon *

* Custom presets and the custom brand pack have specific instructions located within the shop page *

You are not permitted to redistribute or resell the digital product.